Real Estate Crowdfunding

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How does real estate crowdfunding work?

Real estate crowdfunding allows multiple investors to pool their money and collectively invest in larger real estate projects than they could on their own. We make investing in real estate easy, Our goal is to democratize commercial real estate investing, making it easier and simpler for investors to access institutional-quality real estate investment opportunities


Personalized Service

Your dedicated customer account team works to understand your goals and establish guidelines before starting the assignment. We keep in touch with you every step of the way – and our team is available seven days a week to help you get the most of your Ivadolfinance  BPO experience.


Market Expertise

Attention to quality assurance is the cornerstone to Clear Capital’s philosophy. We employ three layers of quality checks for each BPO. An automated set of rules validate the data upon submission and looks for errors that brokers can fix immediately. Then, another automated review, Clear Capital’s ClearQC tool, checks for overall quality and risk. A human then reviews the automated review and calls attention to any red flags for further review. This process is designed to help eliminate revision requests, saving you time and money.


Timely Delivery

Use the workflow management tool within your customer account on to track the progress of your orders and see current statuses, due dates and more critical data.

One on One Sessions


When verifying the value conclusion of the origination appraisal

PCT (portfolio construct technology)

Our proprietary automated software technology allows you to select from a diverse list of rigorously-vetted institutional investment fund exposures across various strategies, add them to your cart, and within seconds generate an web-based portfolio investment plan for your account earnings

Ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing tools

Our portfolio rebalancing and liquidity management tools make it easy to rebalance portfolios, manage upcoming investment requirements, and track private team-building growth.

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